2015: The Year of Data Security

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February 17, 2015
2015: The Year of Data Security

The start to a new year allows for fresh perspective on past accomplishments and areas of opportunity. It’s also a time to look ahead and prepare accordingly. With cyber-security threats at their highest peak moving into the New Year, safeguarding sensitive data from cyber-criminals is vital. To ensure a secure 2015, here are some of our best practices in cyber-security.

Choose Passwords Carefully

Some of the most prominent organizations have weak passwords, making it easy for hackers to attack their systems and retrieve sensitive data. Choose company-wide passwords that are strong, including a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols.

Update Old Software

Employees oftentimes postpone software updates because they require time for the computers to update, which equates to less time working. However, these updates are more than annoying reminders. Installing the updates hinder attackers from taking advantage of the obvious problem with the software.

Encrypt Information

Encryption is essential in protecting your files. You can partner with a leader in file sharing encryption methodologies like CertainSafe to protect information that you don’t want exposed to the public. CertainSafe is the only proven partner that remains untouched by cyber-attacks and hackers.

Cyber-theft is on the rise and continues to increase in 2015 as technologies become more intuitive, and hackers along with them. Protecting your business is no longer a precaution—it’s a necessity. CertainSafe is attuned to the threats of the industry. Our unique MicroEncryption technology breaks up encrypted files and stores them on different servers. With secure emailing, messaging and storage, you can be certain that your sensitive information is protected. For almost 30 years, our highly experienced executive team has been developing cutting edge software for technologically advanced solutions specifically geared toward security. Contact us today to learn more!