Audit Trail


Comprehensive Audit Trail

Maintaining a complete audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle is important not only for internal analysis and process optimization, but also for compliance with industry Standards and Regulations. Transcertain’s electronic Audit Trail provides your company a complete and simple method to understand the entire history of each file/document. Authorized users can see the ongoing activity history of a file, including what action was taken, by whom, and the date and time the action occurred.

Complying with industry standards is important, time-consuming and expensive. Leveraging Certainsafe’s™ electronic information tracking capabilities dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to gain and maintain certification, and dramatically increases your organization’s chances of successfully passing audits.

CertainSafe’s™ Audit Trail benefits users in a variety of ways:

  • Assistance with the compliance with numerous standards including: ISO, QS, TQM, Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA 21-CFR11, and AS9100
  • Maintains a complete record of every action that takes place to a file/document throughout its lifecycle
  • Streamlined compliance with industry quality standards and regulations
  • Protects organization’s in legal situations providing complete and accurate record of the actions executed within a given file/document
  • Filters the audit trail display to search for specific activities to a file/document
  • Limit the commands the Audit Trail if desired
  • Export the audit trail for archival or reporting purposes