CertainSafe® Vice President Steven Russo Writes for Becker’s Hospital Review on Critical Healthcare Cyber Security

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April 03, 2015
Critical Healthcare Cyber Security

On a daily basis, healthcare organizations are one data breach away from devastating consequences. Identification, financial medical information and sensitive data are in a constant state of susceptibility. On this crucial topic, CertainSafe®’s Vice President, Steven Russo was recently featured on Becker’s Hospital Review for an article he created on the importance of healthcare information security. Becker’s Hospital Review features up-to-date business and legal news pertaining to hospitals and health systems.

“To compound the problem, many of the popular file sharing software programs and services currently in use by healthcare organizations and medical practitioners are not HIPAA compliant,” Russo wrote. “The need to securely share HIPAA categorized information in real-time has also precipitated a tremendous fear of what a data breach can do to an organization. The healthcare industry must comply with standards for protection of Personally Identifiable Information as well as HIPAA data. Taking a short cut and using a non-compliant system could be a costly violation. Technology is available today that provides significant aid in this area, including solutions that provide not only for HIPAA but PCI Level 1 DSS Certification as well.”

The article can be seen here in its entirety. CertainSafe® employs MicroEncryption® and MicroTokenization® techniques that have been developed exclusively by Secure Cloud Systems®. This proprietary technology and new way of thinking is unparalleled in the cyber security world, as it can secure any data type including simple text, documents, x-ray files, and even top-secret documents. Be prepared in the war against cyber terrorism and understand why cyber security matters.