Why Cyber Security Matters

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March 24, 2015
Cyber Security Matters

Since we were kids, we’ve been told to be careful. Lock your bike. Password-protect your computer. Don’t open everything. If you’re someone who didn’t listen as a child, you probably still aren’t listening as an adult. Sorry to tell you, but you should.

Intrusions on accounts and electronic devices happen on a daily basis with identity theft and spam being minor casualties. Attacks against finances are becoming increasingly problematic and catastrophic for victims of cyber terrorism.

The government is becoming more involved by educating the pubic and enforcing anti-cyber crime laws, but there are ways you can tighten your security. Corporations can create robust security processes while individuals can secure their devices with more powerful and unique passwords.

CertainSafe® employs MicroEncryption® and MicroTokenization® techniques that have been developed exclusively by Secure Cloud Systems®. This proprietary technology and new way of thinking is unparalleled in the cyber security world, as it can secure any data type including simple text, documents, x-ray files, and even top-secret documents. Be prepared in the war against cyber terrorism and understand why cyber security matters.