Cyber Security Orders from the President

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May 07, 2015
Cyber Security

President Obama has stressed the importance of cyber security in the United States. Below is the White House Administration’s priorities on the cyber security according to their website.


“Protecting the country’s critical infrastructure — our most important information systems — from cyber threats. Improving our ability to identify and report cyber incidents so that we can respond in a timely manner. Engaging with international partners to promote internet freedom and build support for an open, interoperable, secure, and reliable cyberspace. Securing federal networks by setting clear security targets and holding agencies accountable for meeting those targets. Shaping a cyber-savvy workforce and moving beyond passwords in partnership with the private sector.


Cyberspace touches nearly every part of our daily lives. It’s the broadband networks beneath us and the wireless signals around us, the local networks in our schools and hospitals and businesses, and the massive grids that power our nation. It’s the classified military and intelligence networks that keep us safe, and the World Wide Web that has made us more interconnected than at any time in human history. We must secure our cyberspace to ensure that we can continue to grow the nation’s economy and protect our way of life.”


The Administration is employing certain principles in order to strengthen cyber security:

  • Whole-of-government approach
  • Network defense first
  • Protection of privacy and civil liberties
  • Public-private collaboration
  • International cooperation and engagement


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