Don’t Be Fooled by the Use of Standard Data Security

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May 31, 2014

Your company’s data security is not something that you should take lightly. A data breach could be detrimental to most businesses depending on the information that was accessed. For example, if someone steals your customer list, your company has not only opened itself up to lawsuits from customers, but also your company’s general standing in the marketplace as a safe business is almost certain to decrease. Your firm’s reputation could face irreparable harm.


Even with the possibility of lost business, lawsuits, and bad press, most business owners don’t take a hard look at their current data security systems and policies until they something drastic happens. That being said, business owners don’t have to undertake a complete overhaul of their security process. Minor changes can be made which will go a long way to protecting your information. For example, you can go about changing default login credentials, automatically applying updates to your operating system, and limiting access to your data are some of the steps you can take to protect your information. Additionally, using encryption software during the data transfer process and encrypting your hard drives is a step that will detour unauthorized users from deciphering stored data.


In most cases, companies that store or transfer sensitive customer information are required to use encryption software in order to be compliant with data security industry standards. That being said, using a standard data security system or policy to protect your data may not be enough to prevent sophisticated hackers from accessing your records. This is especially true if your company has very sensitive, high value data to protect; such as credit card numbers or proprietary information.


To ensure that your data is fully protected, you need to think beyond industry compliance and standard systems. To that end, one should consider investing in a data security system that is not only robust and industry compliant, but can also adjust to changing technologies, systems and threats. Implementing an up-to-date and flexible data security protocol will assure the success and integrity of any business in the long term. MicroEncryption® is one of those possibilities.