Superior Records Management

CertainSafe™ is a web-based, Cloud-compliant secure data storage vault that gives owners the ability to  store and retrieve MicroEncrypted™ and MicroTokenized™ documents and data of ALL types.


Unique Features


  • Security To Document /File Level – Our process provides unprecedented levels of security while maintaining accessibility (Multi-Level kill zones for each individual record/file)
  • Secure Messaging – Apply a “RealTime” message to your document /file and have the same unprecedented security
  • Audit Trail – Singular Doc/File Audit – Who created and when – Who viewed and when – Version history – Who it was shared with – What changes were made and when
  • Simplicity of use – No other system offers the features and benefit package that CertainSafe™ provides. CertainSafe™ is both the simpler and most powerful platform available
  • Cloud-Based – Application is “Cloud-based”, with nothing to install
  • Drag and Drop – Store any data, document, file, etc. with simple “drag and drop” functionality that allows you to invite members of your organization or public members to share your folders.
    • Optional Permissions
    • View Only
    • Allow Download
    • Allow Update
    • Allow File Shredding
    • Expiration Time
    • Share With Owner Controlled Permissions
    • View Without Download
    • Download Option
    • Upload New/Revised or Older Documents
    • Maintain “Version Control”
    • Time-Boxed With Custom Expiration
    • Auto Email Notifications Upon Changes
    • Auto Email Notifications for NEW Items Added


“Not Just Another Box”


  • MicroEncrypted™
  • MicroTokenized™
  • Compliant Storage


Unique Security Systems Architecture


Employing secure and reliable encryption methods is essential to protecting sensitive information held by individuals, entities, organizations, and governments. Such encryption methods are needed to guarantee that we are protected against potential cyber threats.


There are several methods utilized by CertainSafe™. The first of these is the encryption portion. CertainSafe™ begins with AES algorithm-based, which consists of symmetric block ciphers with 256-bit cipher keys. Up until the release of CertainSafe™, encryption was the most effective solution for protecting valuable data and other informational assets. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric-key encryption standard has been approved by the NSA for top-secret information protection, and it has also been adopted by the United States Government.


AES is based on a design principle known as the substitution permutation network. Additionally, the AES ciphers have been tested extensively and are now used worldwide. AES was selected due to the level of security it offers and its widely accepted implementation and optimization techniques. The algorithm utilizes efficient methods in an effort to optimize both time and memory requirements, and it is  designed to specify both cipher and its inverse in order to complete the encrypt/decrypt cycle.


In addition to AES, CertainSafe™ employs MicroEncryption™MicroTokenization™ techniques  developed by Secure Cloud Systems™. Secure Cloud Systems™ is a new technology and new way of thinking that is unparalleled in the cyber security world. With Secure Cloud Systems™,  modular technology levels can easily be increased up to 1024-bit, if required for specific users.


Secure Cloud Systems™’s technology works from a unique premise and methodology. It has been repeatedly proven that “Bulk Encryption” is not safe due to the fact that once intruders are in, they have access to the “Bulk”, or most, of ALL THE DATA/RECORDS! Secure Cloud Systems™’s approach protects sensitive data individually, even down to the “byte” level. Not only does it secure data better than before, but it is also revolutionary in speed and accessibility. When utilizing CertainSafe™’s deeper pinpoint, individualized MicroEncryption™ & MicroTokenization™ processes, combined with AES algorithms up to and including 1024-bitcipher keys, you can feel Certain that your information is Safe!


“The modular technology used by Secure Cloud Systems™ to achieve safe data storage is truly innovative with its ability to scale to future needs and evolve with the new best practices in the security world,” said Dan Furman, CIO of the Federal Improvement Team. By tokenizing data and storing it fully encrypted, the data becomes usable directly from the secure datacenter and simultaneously meets and exceeds industry standards and regulations. Additionally, because of the mandated data restrictions to user password tokenization from Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and the the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) [http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/], the need for usable and secure data has never been greater. Companies of all sizes who store any information about their customers, employees, patients, or partners must be conscious of how to protect this information. Unlike other security solutions, Secure Cloud Systems™’s new  technology is lightning fast and is currently being scaled to enable over 58 billion secure actions per second in a test portal environment. “Thanks to this new breakthrough in technology, CertainSafe™ offers everyone access to the same speed and security as the billion-dollar giants” said Mr. Fioto, Chairperson and CEO of RACE.


CertainSafe™’s MicroEncryption™MicroTokenization™ solutions provide a flexibility that sets a new standard for data security, adaptability, and accessibility. CertainSafe™ can secure any data type, including simple text, x-ray files, and top secret documents, just to name a few. Additionally, Secure Cloud Systems™’s agnostic integration platform can have a user’s data MicroEncrypted™ and MicroTokenized™ in a matter of moments at a minimal cost.


CertainSafe™ solutions are applicable at a global level for individuals, as well as across dozens of industries that include: healthcare, financial services, hospitality, retail, accounts receivable management, energy/smart grid, supply chain management and governmental services sectors. The last block for so many companies in moving to the Cloud is the question of data security, compliance, and control. MicroEncryption™, along with MicroTokenization™, entirely removes those blocks! CertainSafe™’s new and innovative processes allow data to be stored in a fully protected, yet usable, way in CertainSafe™’s vault. Plain and simple – it just works.


CertainSafe™’s security is setting the new standard, utilizing MicroEncryption™ and MicroTokenization™


Secure Messaging /Secure File Comments


Secure Messaging has finally been achieved with CertainSafe™’s proprietary Secure Messaging Module. A secure message can be attached directly to a file, or a simple message can be sent directly to others as stand-alone, ultra-secure communication.


Don’t trust your sensitive messages to everyday email, where they can be intercepted by others. With CertainSafe™ Secure Messaging your messages are instantly MicroTokenized™ and will only reach the intended recipients. There is only one true method for sending messages securely…


CertainSafe™ Secure Messaging……


Don’t delay…. Try it today!


Comprehensive Audit Trail


Maintaining a complete Audit Trail for each document throughout its lifecycle is important not only for internal analysis and process optimization, but also for compliance with industry standards and regulations. Secure Cloud Systems™’s electronic Audit Trail provides your company with a complete and simple method to understand the entire history of each file/document. Authorized users can see the ongoing activity history of a file, including what action was taken and by whom, as well as the date and time that the action occurred.


Complying with industry standards is important, but also time-consuming and expensive. Leveraging CertainSafe™’s electronic information tracking capabilities dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to gain and maintain certification, while also significantly increasing your organization’s chances of successfully passing audits.


CertainSafe™’s Audit Trail benefits users in a variety of ways:


  • Assists with the compliance to numerous standards including: ISO, QS, TQM, Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA 21-CFR11, and AS9100
  • Maintains a complete record of every action that applies to a file/document throughout its lifecycle
  • Streamlines compliance with industry quality standards and regulations
  • Protects organizations in legal situations by providing complete and accurate record of the actions executed within a given file/document
  • Filters the Audit Trail display to search for specific activities regarding a file/document
  • Limits the commands of the Audit Trail, if desired
  • Exports the Audit Trail for archival or reporting purposes

Simple – Easy – Secure – Yet Powerful


CertainSafe™ is said to be the world’s fastest, easiest, and most powerful file sharing and collaboration tool ever released to date.


CertainSafe™’s Windows-based architecture allows users to log on and begin using the power of CertainSafe™ with little to no additional training.


CertainSafe™’s “what you see is what you get” simplicity empowers users to take advantage of all the various options available without hours of extensive training. It’s as easy as “point-and-click” for your files to be highly secure, yet accessible.


CertainSafe™’s Admin Dashboard allows simplistic yet comprehensive control over users’ flexibility.


What is Cloud-Based Computing?


The term “Cloud-Based” refers to Cloud computing. To handle applications and/or the storage of data, our products use a remote storage and accessibility method that relies on sharing external computing server resources instead of utilizing local servers or personal devices.


When the term “Cloud” or “The Cloud” is referenced, usually it is employed as a metaphor for the vast netherworld of the Internet. Usually, the term “Cloud computing” has to do with a form of Internet-based computing, storage, or interaction that utilizes Internet-based services like servers, storage, and applications.



The agnostic architecture and design of CertainSafe™ allows all users to benefit from the highest possible levels of security available in the marketplace today, without having the requirement of installing any additional software.


Controlled Share Permissioning


With CertainSafe™ you can share files/document with others safely and easily, while also maintaining full and complete permissions control of those files/document and folders. You decide how, and for how long, recipients can or cannot access a file that is shared with them. Your control includes “View Only” access that restricts the downloading of a file and minimizes the ability for a file/document to be printed.


CertainSafe™ – Keeping You In Control


  • Restrict Downloading Capability
  • Allow “View Only” Access
  • Restrict Version Uploading
  • Control Time of Accessibility
  • Maintain a complete and comprehensive “Audit Trail”