Cyber Security for the Legal Industry


The Legal community continues to grow increasingly aware that they are being targeted by cyber criminal’s intent on stealing their clients’ sensitive and valuable secrets. An ongoing series of breaches at major international firms has convinced many of them to concentrate on strengthening their defenses. Enhancing security controls, finding new way to secure and store client’s information on the firm’s network are becoming prerequisites for doing business. They are looking for solutions such as CertainSafe® provides.

Law firms hold critical, privileged and sensitive information entrusted to them and thus must ensure the protection they deploy protects that information from both internal and external exploitation. Firms are increasingly being targeted by sophisticated cyber criminals who perceive them to be less well protected than their clients and therefore easier to exploit.


A single breach in security will have an impact on a firm’s reputation and potentially put them out of business. The members of the legal community that take action and address the challenge utilizing CertainSafe® can provide their clients with clearly differentiated, secure legal services that they call can depend on. CertainSafe® is the preferred choice for the Legal community.

Secure Your Legal Enterprise

CertainSafe® Integration provides solutions that deliver critical data security and privacy capabilities to both internal as well as external cloud applications users. We can protect your data in our Co-Located Dual Redundant PCI Level 1 DSS CERTIFIED Data Centers, or in your private cloud. Call us today to experience CertainSafe® Scope and explore the possibilities.

CertainSafe® Scope

CertainSafe® Scope gives you access to rich, detailed information on how data and information is being used and handled within your enterprise. Our detailed Discovery process begins with a Company Preparation Questionnaire that will aide us in understanding your operations and business a little bit better. Additionally our SCOPE assessment process will help identify key systems, stakeholders, and the types of sensitive data your company and employees come in contact with that require attention.

CertainSafe® Analyze

Analyze enables us to evaluate and examine the information gathered from the SCOPE assessment process. This information will assist us in the formation of a customized action plan which will be used to identify usage patterns and detect behavior that could represent operational, legal and/or compliance related risk to your firm. We will conduct interviews with key stakeholders, review processes and procedures for handling sensitive data, collaborate in and around the use of your firm’s systems, software, and databases as well as data integration currently in use with third-party vendors. Prior to our departure, we will provide you with a private debriefing with the consolidated data evaluations and our Certified “On-site” Preliminary Report and Presentation which is yours to keep at the end of our visit.

CertainSafe® Defend

CertainSafe® Defend is our deployed modular defense technology services,(in all or in part) that allows the securing of sensitive data, documents and or communications via MicroTokenization® and or MicroEncryption® techniques while user functionality and more importantly speed is not impacted. These services are modular and can be deployed as a comprehensive platform or individualized and integrated on an as need or as desired basis. At CertainSafe® we protect from end to end with CertainSafe® Defend.

How Does It Work?

CertainSafe® Defend technology works off an entirely different premise and methodology while delivering the strongest secure data control available. Data is shared only within authorized users either within as well as outside your network. Sensitive data is secured at the field-level, and controlled by user-defined MicroTokenization® and MicroEncryption® options.


Our techniques are the most innovative security methodology for data protection today. CertainSafe’s modular technology is completely scalable, adaptable, and accessible, and has been designed to meet future needs and evolve with the new best practices in the security world. Information remains usable while exceeding industry security standards and regulations. We can protect your data in our Co-Located Dual Redundant PCI Level 1 DSS CERTIFIED Data Centers, or in your private cloud. Call us today to experience CertainSafe® Scope and explore the possibilities.


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