Users of Worldwide Information products MUST conform to both State and Federal laws, as “Compliancy” is Mandatory


It is a requirement that our customers are authorized users pursuant to the Drivers Privacy Protection Act and as well as any applicable state law(s) appointing Worldwide Information, LLC as his/her agent in order to receive, collect and compile a complete listing of Motor Vehicle and Driver License Records so as to provide authorized users with such information in Worldwide Information, LLC’s exclusive CD/DVD format. Our clients must further represents that any and all information received from Worldwide Information, LLC will not be duplicated, sold, retransmitted or disseminated in any form inconsistent with 18 USC Chapter 123 or any applicable state law(s). Clients must certify that the information and statements made on their behalf by its agents are true and correct, comply with the provisions of the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and understand that the willful, unauthorized disclosure of information obtained from these record(s) for a purpose other than stated, or the sale or other distribution of the information to a person or organization not disclosed may result in penalties imposed under Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2724. Your sales representative can assist you with determining compliancy.