Special First American Agents Pricing


Special First American Agents Pricing

Could Your Business Survive a Data Breach?

Regrettably, probably not.

Well known companies maintaining what they believe to be the most robust levels of security such as, Target, JP Morgan Chase, as well as other large banks and institutions, have been severely impacted as a direct result of a Mass Data Breach.
Here’s the good news. For only $8.32 per month, a special limited time offer for title agents, all the files you send back and forth electronically could be PROTECTED securely, with no fear of data breaches.
Pillar No. 3 recommends that title agencies and settlement service providers adopt and maintain a written privacy and information security program to protect Non-Public Personal Information.


Your ALTA Best Practice Compliant Data Security Solution Has Arrived!

CertainSafe provides the most secure File-Sharing, File Storage, Secure Messaging solution available in the marketplace today-for you and your alliance partners.


It’s award-winning for a reason.

PCMag awarded CertainSafe its coveted Editors’ Choice Award, calling it “a great solution for businesses of any size”, and the fact that it’s certified for compliance…can be a huge plus, if your business is subject to those regulations.


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Isn’t peace of mind and your business worth $0.30 a day? Don’t delay, every minute
you wait puts your business and your customers’ sensitive information at risk.