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April 28, 2015

In the news, you’ve probably seen recognizable brands linked to cyber hacks and data breaches, but likely think it could never happen to you. Unfortunately, it can, which is why you shouldn’t wait to protect your information and assets.

Who We Are

CertainSafe® features award-winning technology that eliminates the risk and damage of cyber attacks. We employ MicroEncryption® and MicroTokenization® techniques that have been developed exclusively by Secure Cloud Systems®. This proprietary technology and new way of thinking is unparalleled in the cyber security world, as it can secure any data type including simple text, documents, x-ray files, and even top-secret documents. Be prepared in the war against cyber terrorism and understand why cyber security matters.

Our Advantage

• Upgrade credit card transactions to full PCI compliance

• Safely store and mine credit card transactions for trends at no cost

• Safeguard all data that occurs during a credit card transaction

• Complimentary ecommerce upgrade for the ultimate in data security

• Superior, award-winning technology that makes data invisible to hackers

For almost 30 years, our highly experienced executive team has been developing cutting edge software for technologically advanced solutions specifically geared toward security. Don’t be a victim of a cyber-criminal. Start your protection today!

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