How to Stay Safe Online

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February 27, 2015
Stay Safe Online

Celebrity photo leaks. Home Depot systems hacked. Facebook advertising tracking. NSA data breaches.  If industry giant can’t stay safe online, are we protected from anything these days?

Technology is a necessary evil. We need it to stay connected, to be progressive, to move ideas and projects forward. But we do all of that while knowing that the underworld of cyber terrorism exists: hacking, phishing, and identity theft. The only protection we have is protection.

CertainSafe takes the sharing, security, usability paradox and turns it on its head, making information secure, PCI & HIPAA compliant. We want you to be secure. Here are some other ways to remain safe online.


Surf the Internet without being tracked. The Tor Browser connects to different relays without leaving any digital footprints. You can also add apps to Tor that deactivate cookies like AdBlockPlus.


It’s difficult to think of searching on an engine that’s not Google. At least it was until we found DuckDuckGo. Offering anonymity, if you search for Billy Joel concert tickets, you won’t see an ad for Billy Joel concert tickets on every ad banner you come across. DuckDuckGo offers no long-term memory but functions similar to Google in that it can provide direct answers to your questions.


MeWe is a private communications network that rivals Facebook. It’s a social media platform that offers a safe and private network with the support of people like founder of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee. MeWe members communicate in an uncensored environment with a safety firewall preventing strangers or advertisers from spying on them.

As technology grows, so should the attention to privacy. The good news is that CertainSafe makes data protection a core value and ensures that consumers and enterprises stay safe online. For more than 30 years, our highly experienced executive team has been developing cutting edge software for technologically advanced solutions specifically geared toward security.

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