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Cyber Security Orders from the President

May 07, 2015
Cyber Security

President Obama has stressed the importance of cyber security in the United States. Below is the White House Administration’s priorities on the cyber security according to their website.   “Protecting the country’s critical infrastructure — our most important information systems — from cyber threats. Improving our ability to identify and…
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Start Your Online Protection Today

April 28, 2015

In the news, you’ve probably seen recognizable brands linked to cyber hacks and data breaches, but likely think it could never happen to you. Unfortunately, it can, which is why you shouldn’t wait to protect your information and assets. Who We Are CertainSafe® features award-winning technology that eliminates the risk…
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Why Cyber Security Matters

March 24, 2015
Cyber Security Matters

Since we were kids, we’ve been told to be careful. Lock your bike. Password-protect your computer. Don’t open everything. If you’re someone who didn’t listen as a child, you probably still aren’t listening as an adult. Sorry to tell you, but you should. Intrusions on accounts and electronic devices happen…
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