Your Encryption Methods: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

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March 17, 2015
Encryption Methods Signed Sealed Delivered

Utilizing secure and reliable encryption methods is essential for protecting sensitive information held by individuals, companies, organizations, and governments. These methods are needed to guarantee protection against potential cyber threats.

CertainSafe® uses several methods, some of which are proprietary, to provide you with insanely secure solutions. The first piece to the puzzle is the encryption portion. CertainSafe® begins with AES algorithm-based encryption consisting of symmetric block ciphers with 256-bit cipher keys.

Up until the release of CertainSafe® ,“Standard” Encryption was the most effective solution for protecting valuable data and other informational assets. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric-key encryption standard has been approved by the NSA for top-secret information protection and has been adopted by the United States Government. The AES ciphers have been tested extensively and are now used worldwide.

In addition to AES, CertainSafe® employs MicroEncryption® –MicroTokenization® techniques that have been developed exclusively by Secure Cloud Systems®. This proprietary technology and new way of thinking is unparalleled in the cyber security world, as it can secure any data type including simple text, documents, x-ray files, and even top-secret documents.

CertainSafe® is applicable on a global level for individuals, as well as for dozens of industries including healthcare, financial services, hospitality, retail, legal, energy/smart grid, supply chain management, and government services. CertainSafe® is the only file sharing service that is certified by both the PCI Security Standards Council and the HIPAA. Contact us today for the ultimate in file sharing security!